This is the third year that we present a wide range of films in competitive and non-competitive programmes. BOSI FEST has been commended by numerous foreign cultural centres as well as by some film festivals in Serbia, especially by FEST which will film last year’s BOSIFEST laureates in its side programme this year. What proves that Serbia is a fertile ground for this kind of festival is the interest it has aroused in a year only and despite the fact that there are some twenty other festivals around the world which have also been presenting films made by and about disabled people. The festival network makes it possible for the authors to reach the world market, but it also presents new and innovative films which deal with the topic of disabilities.

What is the significance of BOSIFEST?
BOSI FEST is an international film festival for and about people with disabilities which was organized for the first time last year by Hendi Centre Koloseum. The festival was held between 20th - 30th May 2010 in Dom Sindikata, under the slogan Invisible differences and visible similarities. The festival’s primary aim was to draw the public attention to the art and possibilities of the participants, at the same time sending the message that disabled people should enjoy the same rights and have the same obligations as other citizens, attempting thus to implement measures for their equal participation and integration in the development of society. Last festival presented over 55 films about lives and works of people with disabilities, which came from 18 countries and 3 continents. The films shown at the festival attracted considerable public attention. An interest to show the films from the festival in Belgrade came from OSI association (association of people with disabilities), non-governmental sector from the whole Serbia. The aim of the event is to acquaint the audience with the rights of the people with disabilities as well as with their needs and their position in society; it can encourage improvement of communication, increase tolerance for differences, eliminate prejudices about people with disabilities, while the film programme stimulates young directors to make new works of art. The programme of the film festival represents our attempt to envisage possible solutions and create a surrounding which would be accessible, without obstacles and barriers. We try to promote Belgrade and Serbia through the wealth of differences. We support initiatives of all the interested groups who focus on the issues of invalidity and aim at increasing visibility of disabled people in local communities and create conditions for their social involvement. One of the intentions of BOSI FEST is to arouse interest among our professional and cultural environment in getting acquainted with art made by artists with disabilities from all around the world, in exchanging ideas and experiences of filmmakers as well as in establishing dialogue and partnerships among the participants. This festival proves that Belgrade promotes wealth of diversity. It does not create a revue in which friends distribute prizes among themselves but a festival which encourages the development of the amateur cinematography made by the largest fringe group i.e., people with disabilities. This festival is to bridge a gap between Serbian amateur cinematography dealing with this issue and the rest of the world, between authors and financial means and, above anything else, between film and the audience of Serbia.

Darko Ivić, director of the festival